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Welcome to Farmwork WA

We are currently hiring farm hands, pickers and packers for the 2022 season.

FarmWork WA Pty Ltd manages the seasonal workforce for the Ti Strawberries Group of strawberry farms and packing houses in Western Australia, all located within 45 minutes of the Perth CBD. We are a legitimate Australian-owned farming business, we issue full legal pay slips and our work is eligible for the 2nd year Visa extension.
Working on a farm is hard work. We pay hourly in accordance with the Australian Horticultural Award 2020. You can find the current rates in our Employment Terms and Conditions and Piecework Agreement.

If you are a fast or experienced worker who is interested in working on a West Australian strawberry farm, We welcome you! If you are a slow worker or have little entheusiasm towards farm work or working on a packing line, or if you are hoping for an easy job to sign-off your regional work requirement, this job will not suit you so please do not apply.

If you are unsure which category you fit into, you are welcome to apply and come for an interview to trial the work. As many applicants have not worked on a farm before we provide ongoing training to try to help you achieve the expected work rates. This said farm work is not for everyone, so ultimately it is left up to you to decide whether the job is suitable for you and whether you can perform the job at a suitable speed and skill level that will enable you to earn the Award rate. If you accept the job and then at any time you decide that you cannot achieve the require work rates, you may leave without penalty. We do however request that, as a common courtesy, you advise your supervisor of this before you leave.
If you have any questions, see the information below or you can contact us on 0457 878 515 or you can click on the "Contact Us" button above to email us.
Frequently Asked Questions:

The process is very simple;
1.) Go to the FarmWork registration page
2.) Read our employment terms and conditions
3.) Register your details on the webform
4.) Receive your Worker ID number from us and keep it noted somewhere
6.) Please wait patiently and our labour Support Officer will be in contact to arrange an interview date.
7.) That's all! As long as you have the right to work in Australia you will be invited to come in for an interview.

You will need to also fill out a tax file number declaration form (provided by us at work) and login to the FarmWork Worker Portal and enter your bank account and superannuation details before your first pay is due so that we can pay you.


We are required by Australian law to ensure that every worker has been checked to ensure that they have the right to work in Australia. Your passport details are used to verify your work rights using the Department of Imigration VEVO visa checking system.

If you are unwilling to provide your details online, please contact our office on 0457 878 515 to arrange an interview at which we can collect that information in person.

Planting: Pruning and Planting work is available throughout the months of March and April.
Picking / Packing: Picking and packing work is available from late May until the end of November.
After the month of November, we will be able to refer you for work in Manjimup.

The pay is hourly you can find the current rates in our Employment Terms and Conditions and Piecework Agreement. The rates quoted are gross pay and taxation will be deducted from payments as determined by Australian law. Superannuation will be paid in addition to the gross pay rate quoted. WHV may be able to claim taxation and superannuation money back when they leave Australia.

Yes, the work is eligible for the Working Holiday Visa (both visa subclass 417 and 462) extension.

Our minimum work rates after two weeks of employment are 50% (half) of the expected work rate for an average competent worker and after four weeks of employment are 66.6% (two thirds) of the expected work rate for an average competent worker. This should be easily achieved by any enthusiatic, physically able worker. To ensure that workers onsite are not earning wages that are low by comparison to the equivalent hourly rate, those who cannot achieve the MWR's will be asked to seek employment elsewhere as are not suited for this specific type of farm work.

The job is at 263 Old West Road, Bullsbrook, WA 6084

The closest convenient public transport is Currambine train station (Joondalup line) which is a 15 minutes drive from the farm.


You may only supply workers to us as a contractor if you have an A.B.N. and the right to work in Australia. Your company must first be registered with us as a contractor by providing us with your Company Name, A.B.N, a valid Workers Compensation Certificate of Currency and by signing our Terms and Conditions for Labour Contractors. Once you are registered with us as a contractor, you can then register each worker using our online worker registration system.

No, training will be provided. Our only requirement is a positive attitude toward the job and a willingness to learn and work hard.

Working hours can vary depending on the fruit load. Picking generally starts 6am-7:30am (depending on the season) until the picking is completed (or until sunset). Depending on the season, packing can run from 7am up until 8pm. We work from 4 to 6 days per week depending on the available work, although we prefer if you can be available to work a minimum of 5 days a week, this could include weekends.

Please bring waterproof clothing that you do not mind getting dirty (you will sometimes be working under sprinklers), lunch, gloves, enclosed footwear and sun protection. If you have your Tax File Number (TFN) please also make sure you have this on the day.

There is a very limited amount of basic accommodation available for $15.00 per day. You will need to bring a sleeping bag and pillow and all your food and drink supplies. Please be aware that this is a 'dry' worksite. Consumption of alcohol and/or drugs onsite is not permitted. Persons suspected of being intoxicated onsite will be reported to the police.

There is also plenty of sharehouses around the Joondalup area and these are usually advertised online.

Yes, we employ over 250 people so as long as they are good workers, the more the merrier!

No, our managers are experts in broken english!